Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Character Profiles – Trunks and Recoome

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Character Profiles – Trunks and Recoome

Today we managed to get a new video and a bunch of screens from Atari’s upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. The video features two characters, Trunks and Recoome, duking it out in a rather scenic nature setting. Beautiful mountains, grassy hills–it really makes you wonder what provoked such a…

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit – Frieza Saga – Recoome Attacks!

Recoome defeats Vegeta! Do Krillin and Gohan really stand a chance?!

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Drama Pieces

All drama pieces from Burst Limit except all the Partner Taunts/Partner Supports. Enjoy

Close Call With Raditz!
Raditz’s Pride
Angry Raditz!
Tien’s Resolve!
Angry Saibamen!
Yamcha’s True Power!
Nappa’s Pride
Angry Nappa!
Krillin’s Evasion!
Angry Krillin!
Do or Die!
Nappa’s Perception
Take This! Aura Burst!
Vegeta’s Rage

Too Easy For Recoome!
Angry Recoome!
Power Level Change!
Warrior’s Pride
Are You Ready?!
Too Easy For Ginyu!
Vegeta’s Pride
Ginyu’s Rage!
Angry Ginyu!
Vegeta’s Anger!
Young Gohan Strikes
You’ve Got Me Mad Now
Young Gohan’s Anger!
Piccolo’s Regeneration!
Rain Of Blows!
Frieza’s Perception
See Everything!
Super Saiyan Limits?
Kaioken x20!
Frieza’s Rage!
Sorry To Keep You Waiting!

Standing Against Fate!
Bardock’s Ki Increases!
Lend Me Power! 1
Lend Me Power! 2
Lend Me Power! 3
Lend Me Power! 4
Too Easy For Bardock!
Bardock’s Irritation!
Vegeta’s Ki Increases!
Bardock Strikes!

Gohan’s True Power!
Gohan’s Anger!
Solitary Warrior!
Too Easy For #17!
Piccolo’s Trump Card!
Angry #17!
Vegeta’s Ki Unleashed!
Cell’s Regeneration!
Cell’s Ki Unleashed!
#16’s Ki Unleashed
Tien in Trouble!
Gohan’s Ki Increases!
Goku’s Ki Increases!
Cell’s Scorn!
Cell’s Evasion!
Angry Trunks!
Trunks Strikes!
Trunks’ Perception
Piccolo’s Rage!
Aura Burst!
Goku Strikes!
Angry Cell!
Gohan’s Ki Unleashed!
Vegeta Strikes!

Broly’s Ki Increases!
Broly Howls!
Gohan Strikes!
Broly Laughs!
Trunks’ Ki Unleashed!
Trunks’ Irritation!
Torrent of Ki!
Vegeta’s Perception
Hatred of Kakarot!
Resentment of Kakarot!

Protection #1
Protection #2
Risking It All For a Friend
Protective Ki Blast
Partner Taunt
Partner Support
Senzu Bean
An Elite’s Power!
Kaioken x3!
Feel For Battle!
Hidden Power!
Piccolo’s Ki Unleashed!

PS3 Dbz Burst Limit Tutorial Full

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